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Abon Mfg Co.

Vintage Abon Glove Ring

Vintage Abon Glove Ring

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Vintage 1940s 14K gold plated glove ring with filigree detail.  "Save Your Gloves" and attach your gloves to your handbag.

Back of case says:
"Save your gloves with an Abon Glove Ring (Pat: No. 2487339).

Attach chain to handle or zipper of handbag.

Press handles to open. Insert gloves. Securely holds gloves of any material. Clamp ends of jaws on thin gloves."

Label: Abon Mfg. Co. Inc.

Manufactured: Made in USA

Measures: 3 x 1"

This Glove Ring is in great vintage condition. The case has vintage wear to the celluloid but no rips, tears, or pieces missing.

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