When I was a kid, my family, which didn't seem large compared to other families, would go on yearly camping trips. My two Aunts and Uncles, my one cousin, Grandma and Grandpa; our family caravan rolling down the highway to our secret camping destinations! I was so excited as a child, especially with the technology of the time. The C.B. Radio " Breaker Breaker!", which was used to communicate from car to car and everyone had a handle. My lil' sis and I loved listening to all of the chatter on the channels and came up with our own handles based on nicknames my Grandpa had given us! We were never allowed to get on the CB Radio, so~we made our own with Dixie cups and string, calling out to each other...... "Sparrow to Dragonfly~Sparrow to Dragonfly...Do you Copy?"

As I grew older, I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with my two amazing grandmothers. They were both the definition of “Domestic Goddess" and quite honestly the reason why I have a love for vintage treasures.

I remember going over to my Grandma Eileen's house and heading straight to her back bedroom. This was where she kept her better church clothing, hats and accessories and that is where I wanted to be. I would pass the kitchen grabbing a couple of the largest oranges I could find in the fruit bowl and head straight to the back, not returning until I was dressed head to toe in one of Grandma's finest outfits; which included, a full brassier with the oranges stuffed in, black gloves, hat, ear bobs as she called them, a beautiful necklace, pointy black pumps and of course her beautiful mink and velvet jacket that I'm sure made her cringe as I stumbled on it walking down a hallway runway back up to the front of the house to make sure Grandpa got a good look at me!

My Grandma Potter taught me to cook and sew, but she would be right next to Grandpa, riding his motorcycle or in his dune buggy, completely comfortable mowing the lawn or chopping wood...She had no fear doing anything and through both their grace and determination I saw that a true woman's work is never done....